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Mounting Post

Our courier restricts us a maximum parcel length of 1.2 m, and we realise that many customers want a longer post than this. Pressure treated 50 mm ( 2 inch by 2 inch) posts are not expensive and are widely available from timber merchants, garden centres etc.

The end of the post needs to be buried deep enough to enable it to remain upright in strong winds. ( at least 30 to 40 cm. deep ) An alternative if you dont want to dig is to use a 50 mm. metpost. (See installation instructions). Metposts cost about £6-7 from B&Q or Screwfix etc.

Once the post is in position the bird table simply drops on to it via the square socket under the table; and is then secured with with a screw at the side.

The paint we use is Cuprinol garden shades ( natural stone , deep russet and seasoned oak ).

Price: £10.00




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